Hope and constant prayer to God have led to miraculous change in our community. Each day, new opportunities open up as volunteers continue to offer assistance in repurposing the north suite, housing the New Life Center, to make this a place of hope and healing.”Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

The last free-standing surgical clinic in Lansing has closed its doors, and abortion has ended in Lansing! Thanks be to God and to you who have believed that we might draw all people to Christ. At the former clinic, contractors are preparing it for the relocation of parish offices of the Church of the Resurrection and a chapel. New drywall, creme-colored paint and other improvements, such as electrical upgrades, have completely transformed it.

Offering Hope and Mercy

No longer will 1,000 babies be killed at this former death mill each year. Men and women will no longer experience the pain, rage, humiliation and despair from abortion. Instead, 1601 East Grand River is becoming a place for hope and healing. By God’s grace, we will be able to offer others His mercy, with post-abortive recovery and other programs.