The New Life Center is hosting this groundbreaking movie Friday, July 14, and we’d love for you to come! Admittance is free and so is the popcorn!


download“Hush” is the result of an unusual team looking honestly at a highly sensitive and controversial topic. To properly handle the subject matter has required more care than transporting nitroglycerin… but an explosion is inevitable.

Since the Supreme Court’s decision of Roe vs Wade legalized abortion in 1973, abortion has become one of the number one social, medical and moral issue dividing the country. “Pro-choice” Director Punam Kumar Gill, “pro-life” Exec. Producer Drew Martin and “neutral” Producer Joses Martin began conversations about the subject of the health effects of abortion on women, and believed that if they could overcome their differences and work together, the outcome would be powerful towards the breaking down of political boundaries. Together they decided to discover the truth for the sake of women’s health.

In “Pro-Life” circles, hearing about the negative effects of abortion is a common thing. Churches and Crisis Pregnancy Centers will tell you the truth about the psychological trauma, potential for physical damage, and even breast cancer, that abortion has been known to cause.

On the other hand, in “Pro-Choice” circles, and at abortion clinics, it is commonly told that the procedure is much safer than childbirth, that the psychological effects are the same as if you deliver the child, and the breast cancer connection is a closed case.

Come decide for yourself by viewing this groundbreaking movie.

JULY 14, 2017
HUSH – A liberating documentary about women’s health and the effects of abortion
Where: Mercy Hall, Church of the Resurrection 127 Ramsey, Lansing, MI 
What time: 6 pm
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This week’s pro-life fundraiser:

Hannah’s House Shelter for Pregnant Women

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Olga’s Kitchen – Frandor Shopping Center

354 Frandor Avenue, Lansing, MI

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