10704126_833388683360973_8766755830332620347_nOctober 7, 2014 WomanCare Abortion Clinic. The Diocese of Lansing exorcist, Bishop Earl Boyea, Fr. Steve Mattson, and a small prayer team gathered at 1601 East Grand River to cleanse, exorcise and bless the former clinic before moving in and creating parish offices and the New Life Center.

Ypsilanti takeover of a former abortion clinic

Karalee Robison, of Family Life Services, has shared the good news that a former Planned Parenthood in Ypsilanti will be exorcised today at 840 Maus Avenue.

“God is doing miraculous things at the center and in the lives of our clients and staff members,” says Robison. The pro-life community in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti has been fasting and praying for an end to abortion through 40 Days for Life campaigns for years.

Praise God for this victory and for the power of prayer and fasting!


The power of God through the use of Holy Water and Blessed Salt

In Lansing, when the WomanCare clinic closed down, October of 2014, Bishop Earl Boyea used Holy Water and Blessed Salt while reciting the prayers during a rite of a private exorcism.


Fighting the Spiritual Battle in Jesus’ Name

The rite of exorcism is performed in the name of Jesus and calls on the power He gave to his disciples and their successors to cast out evil spirits.  After the exorcism in Lansing, Bishop Boyea echoed the comments of Pope John Paul II, saying that the faithful must not back down from the spiritual battle, and that while Satan has been defeated by Christ’s death and resurrection, he continues to try to win over people.

Lauren Darling, soon to be a father to four, with Margaret Crawford, of St. Gerard’s parish, fast and pray in front of Planned Parenthood at Frandor Shopping Mall, the only location in the Lansing area which prescribes RU-486 chemical abortions. On Wednesdays, local pro-life friends and family continue to fast and pray for the closure of the only PP conducting business in the state’s capitol.

This week, the New Life Center staff worked with Pregnancy Services to council a young abortion-minded woman hoping to end the life of her child with the two-dose chemical abortion pill. The woman walked through the doors at the NLC Wednesday believing it to be an abortion clinic.

Thank you Nancy Kujawa and Pregnancy Services, and to all of our women’s centers which provide ultrasound technology in the fight to save lives and teach women about their own health!

After counseling her against chemical abortion and teaching her about its harmful effects, the NLC scheduled a free ultrasound appointment for her at the East Lansing women’s center. The young woman discovered that she is further along in the pregnancy than she thought, and has decided to let her parents know about her pregnancy.

Contact the New Life Center at nlc@corlansing.org or visit our website at newlifecenterlansing.org for more information about post-abortion recovery and other programs.