FACES-OF-GRIEF1Pray for mothers considering abortion

We are asking our pro-life friends and family today to pray for all pregnant mothers considering abortion today. This Chaplet for the Unborn takes only a few minutes.

“Ashanti” with baby, Joel, who was born July 20. He weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces and was 20 inches long.


Your prayers saved this abortion-minded mother 

On December 29, “Ashanti”, a single, 22-year-old mother from Africa walked through the doors of 1601 East Grand River, formerly the site of WomanCare abortion clinic, hoping to end the life of her 13-week-old baby. She found instead a church secretary and three crisis pregnancy counselors at the New Life Center to assist her.

The remarkable twist to this story is that “Ashanti,” already the mother of a young child at home, had attempted 3 times to seek an abortion, but each time her needs were met by caring individuals who helped calm her fears. On July 20, she gave birth to Joel, an 8 pound, 5 ounce baby boy.

God uses workers in the field to save lives

A few weeks before Christmas, Ashanti had panicked when she realized she may be pregnant and she drove to Pregnancy Services in East Lansing  for a pregnancy test where she received information about alternatives to abortion.

Then on Dec. 23rd,  2 days before  Christmas, she became anxious and asked a friend to take her to a Detroit abortion clinic. The mother, attempting to enter Summit Medical Services, was counseled by Edmund Miller and other members of Guadalupe Workers from Ann Arbor, who gave her rent money and Christmas gifts for her daughter. Ashanti changed her mind again.

Six days later, Ashanti came to the New Life Center with a cousin and her sister hoping to schedule an abortion. We counseled her by showing her life-like baby fetal models, offered her options to abortion and prayed with her in the Holy Family Chapel. “I am keeping my baby,” said Ashanti who told us, “I’ve tried three times to have an abortion, but God doesn’t want me to do this.”


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